Walking helps calm me at the close of the day.

Walking helps calm me at the close of the day.

Shoeb Farooq, an executive with nearly two years of experience in the auto business, has been heading Triumph Motorcycles India since last year. He believes Elon Musk as a inspiration, for discovering one’s origin and committing everything to it. A risk-taker who is enthusiastic about future engineering, Farooq is dedicated towards green energy. That is his mantra for a day:

Morning Boost

I usually wake up by 6am. My day begins with some general stretching exercises, followed by tea and paper reading. I then spend time with my twin boys and help my wife in getting them ready for school. My breakfast comprises eggs . It gives me.

Fitness Files

My workout regimen includes a 30-minute walk every day, coupled with a high intensity workout in gym over the weekend. Walking aids channelise my thoughts and calm my thoughts at the end of the day. Throughout the day, I use every opportunity to walk or climb stairs.

Sleep log

On a week , I’m usually in bed by 10.30-11pm as I need seven hours of sleep. I make sure I am off all gadgets at least an hour before bed time. I ensure as it results I do not consume caffeine.

Food For Fuel

I love green tea for its health benefits. It is part of my daily routine. I’ve recently given up sugar, although I’ve got a sweet tooth. I substitute my sugar cravings with natural fruits.

I Find My Zen

My children are my biggest stress busters. Spending time with them helps me forget all my worries. I enjoy reading a great deal, it helps me unwind. I read Fault Lines: how the World Economy Still Threaten by Raghuram Rajan. It gives a good insight into how an economic meltdown can impact.