Making Reading Accessible to All.

Making Reading Accessible to All.

More than a decade past, the film taught Indians to be sensitive to dyslexia, although ishaan from Taare Zameen Par is 1 case of dyslexia. Almost 15 percent of children are likely to be dyslexic, and also the challenges for kids with learning disorders have been many. A team of 4 engineering students set out to make a product having a goal to alter young lives that are senile. 

Because of their final year project, a team of four engineering undergrads from Mumbai made an application in 2018. They called it Augmenta11y, a drama on popular numeronym’a11y’ (read as availability ).

The app continues to roll out updates regularly although they have all graduated as of June 2019. Above and beyond, using augmented reality to assist reading strategies and character identification, the program is meant as a tool for kids to boost their lived experience.

I satisfied with Tushar Gupta, the project cause Augmenta11y to a meeting following the app featured on many popular online sites (YourStory, NewzHook), national papers (Times of India, The New Indian Express) podcasts and recently, on Background 18. The program had 1000 downloads and was available. His work was being recognized following months of testing and preparation – he should have been elated. He should have been basking in the achievement of a work well done- .

Gupta has had many successful projects under his belt before Augmenta11y- Brandie and Shoppingo to list a couple. He didn’t feel the same sense of achievement with his app.

I felt a real sense of doubt on hearing that- the reviews were great, I had heard glowing reviews and perfunctorily analyzed the program myself and it looked and felt like a app, without frills. As soon as I recited this listing he had been unmoved.
A few silent moments he informs me when a project was successful, he knew in his gut, and Augmenta11y didn’t feel like that. He had faith from visiting his target market – dyslexic children – . He went after every update, the last one a couple of weeks before he left for school.

Interacting with the kids he explained. He approached a special needs resource center named Disha base to check out his program after his group put together the literature survey and discovered the shocking amounts on dyslexia- which 35 million school children in India were likely dyslexic, and the prevalence of submerged dyslexia global. When the symptoms begin to show, It’s not hard to envision the shortage of educators across the country, when students in countries fall short of studying resource support. The team opted to make a tool to help these children practice and read particular studying techniques to cope, from a young age.